jeudi 27 mars 2008

La vie en vert bis...

Which element is your soul?


You are a true, sensible person who relies on sturdy facts and the more real aspects of life. You are exceedingly caring, intelligent, brave, and skillful. You can do almost anything with raw materials and you make the most of what is given to you, never wasting a drop whether it be of food or life itself. You are willing to take risks for a cause or an exceptionally good reason, but often will not do things just for the heck of it. Life is too valuable to waste and it must be treasured. People with the fire type personalites often annoy or bother you because of their careless nature. They seem to take the purpose out of things for you, but stay strong and don't let the rebels tear you apart. Be the natural leader that everyone knows is inside somewhere and let your unique lifestyle stand out. This won't be too hard, as you probably already relish being your own person. However, you readily accept your place in life and were very eager to discover who you were and where you belonged.

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8 commentaires:

muriellamanuelle a dit…

désolé je ne comprends pas ce que tu as écrit, c'est bete

margot a dit…

Bonjour jocerane,
Ton blog a une super classe d'enfer. Moi aussi j'ai la quarantaine et je me retrouve parmi les jeunes filles de 20 ans. Elles sont adorables et je me félicite de ce renouveau pour le tricot.
Ta fille est très jolie.

A bientôt et merci pour tes commentaires mais je n'ai pas de scan. Tu vois, je n'ai encore rien. Sniff !

Sacred Suzie a dit…

It's nice to know that I am, for sure, water. I am Aquarius after all. :) Earthy people make such good friends, you are the rocks that keep us from falling into our own demise. You are healers and true.

I hope you find the other components for the salad, you will definitely enjoy the earthy nature of that stunning dish.

Caitlin a dit…

Hi Jocerane!
Thanks for visiting my blog, I have Green Tara initiation too!

Oh and I did the quiz, I'm earth as well.

Caitlin a dit…

One more thing.....I LOVE Loreena McKennit :)

Moncha Eilís a dit…

Thank you very much for your visit. I love Loreena, but I can't seem to find the add button for blog. Your blog is very beautiful. I love the knitted sweater too, especially the colour !!
have a great day !!!

Anonyme a dit…

j'ai eu du mal à trouver où laisser un message.
Ton Blog est superbe et la musique .. géniale !
Je cherchais une aide pour confectionner un gilet très précis pour ma fille, (ma 'Minette' de 26 ans) et sur le blog de "Agathe tricote", j'ai cliqué sur le tien ... j'espère que tu comprends mieux le français que moi je ne comprends l'anglais ! (je fais toujours des erreurs de compréhension)
Bravo, ton blog est original et fantastique !

Ruth a dit…

D'ailleurs - je sui terre!