jeudi 1 juillet 2010

L'histoire d'une petite feuille bleue - Tale of a little blue leaf

D'après cette photo, prise sur un chemin dans une colline près de chez moi.
La petite feuille était vraiment bleue! Pas de truquage!

L'histoire de Laura :

Maybe that special leaf was yearning for the blue of the sky above it and said <> And the Goddess of Nature listened and wondered what to do since all leaves must eventually become brittle and prepare the ground for those growing anew each spring. And so she decided show her kindness and fulfill the wish and yet keep nature's wisdom alive.

L'idée de Rebby :

Jje trouve que la maison dont s'est échappée la feuille bleue est bien mystérieuse... aurait-elle un coup de blues à l'idée d'avoir laissé partir sa petite feuille ?

L'histoire de mon amie Mardi :

We are talking "Fly" for Day 7. It gave me pause, yet you can see that I have not been slacking. Then, out of the "blue" came an idea from the blog of my friend, Jocerane, in France. She suggested starting a tale of a traveling blue oak leaf, and I thought "Perfect!" So, to compliment her blog, here is my tale of the Little Blue Oak Leaf:"

The Little Blue Oak Leaf was caught into the winds and flew hither and thither, not knowing where it would land, or what condition it would be in when it did. Poor little leaf! Finally, in a furious storm in the dead of night, it felt itself caught and held fast. Exhausted, it fell fast asleep. When it awoke with the first rays of dawn, it knew a terrible dread! It was held fast in the jaws of a ferocious dragon.

Oh the terror it felt! Poor little leaf. Yet, as the dragon awoke, he gave a great yawn, and the little leaf lost no time in catching his escape on a breeze that nearly drowned him in a birdbath. Luck, however, was with him, and he was caught and saved by the fairy who inhabited the birdbath who fortunately was taking her morning splash.

This kindly fairy gently set it down with some of it's distant relatives, the Pin Oak leaves of South Carolina. The Little Blue Oak Leaf had flown all the way across the Atlantic Ocean!

A suivre!!!

3 commentaires:

rebby a dit…

j'admire le talent de celles qui savent prendre des photos ce qui n'est pas mon cas !!

Ruth a dit…

Cette petite feuille bleue est très mystérieuse !

Laura a dit…

Wonderful story - a fairy-tale.